BioEye 2015

Competition on Biometrics via Eye Movements

An official competition of BTAS 2015


Eye movement biometrics is a relatively new field of research, showing already a promising potential and exhibiting great possibilities of improvement. Human eye movements are performed via a well-orchestrated mechanism that involves both the internal non-visible characteristics of the oculomotor system (muscles, tissues, and neural signal) and the cognitive brain functions guiding visual attention. For this reason, the features extracted from the eye movements are ideally suited for the development of counterfeit resistant biometric recognition systems with embedded liveness detection capabilities.

The BioEye 2015 competition is organized as an attempt to advance the research field of eye movement biometrics, by giving the opportunity to scientists and researchers to use a common database of eye movements recorded using high quality standards. The participants of the competition should develop their solutions for the task of biometric identification via the eye movements. The provided datasets contain eye movement recordings that were captured using different visual stimuli and with different time intervals.

You can download the competition datasets from the Database page and start testing your solutions straight away! Furthermore, if you are interested for the prior work in the field of eye movement biometrics, you can find very interesting material in the Resources page.

Important Dates

Prize Sponsor

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is sponsoring BioEye 2015 competition prize in form of a REDn scientific eye tracker given to the winner of the competition.

More information about technical specifications of the REDn eye tracker can be found here.

Organizing Committee

Dr. Oleg V. Komogortsev, Texas State University (Committee Chair)
Dr. Ioannis Rigas, Texas State University

Committee Members on Behalf of BTAS 2015 Conference
Dr. Oleg V. Komogortsev
Dr. Stephanie C. Schuckers

Contact Information

If you have any question regarding the competition you are welcome to submit your query in the following address:


The recording of the competition database was supported in part by NSF CAREER grant #CNS-1250718, and NIST grants #60NANB12D234 and #60NANB14D274. The processing of the results of the BioEye 2015 competition is made possible in part by the Google Research Award #2014_R1_308. Special gratitude is expressed to Dr. E. Abdulin, T. Miller, Ch. Heinich, and N. Myers for proctoring eye movement recordings.